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Water Based Rust Primer

237 mL, 946 mL, 3.78 L

Brush on, water based primer designed to be used wherever traditional TREMCLAD Oil Based Rust Primer can be used. Provides extra protection under severe conditions. Can be used over bare metal, heavily pitted or sandblasted surfaces, iron, steel and galvanized metal. Topcoat with oil-based or water-based finishes.


  • Fast drying
  • Low odour
  • Easy soap and water cleanup
  • Interior and exterior use
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Flat - Grey Primer, 3.78 L

237 mL

946 mL

3.78 L

Make It Last

TREMCLAD has been Canada's most trusted rust paint for generations. Used because it works. Loved because it lasts. Goes on right over the rust.

When we give old friends new life it isn't just for their sake it's for ours, too. Renew the bond and make it last with TREMCLAD.

Canada's Most Trusted Rust Paint

No rust paint revives and protects better than TREMCLAD. The reason is our unique formulation that both penetrates and inhibits rust.

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